LUGPA Virtual Crossfire Event Series – June Program

LUGPA kicked off its first online member educational program, LUGPA Virtual Crossfire Event Series, in June! LUGPA’s Virtual Crossfire Event Series is an online learning platform that is much like a live medical conference brought directly to your computer.

LUGPA, in collaboration with PlatformQ Health, the leading provider of live-online medical education events, offers members the opportunity to register and participate in this unique educational platform that includes live streaming video lectures, panel discussions and case presentations, as well as interactive participation such as real-time question and answer sessions with top faculty.

Participants were able to submit questions for the expert panel prior to and during the live broadcast, allowing presenters to respond in real time, combining benefits of in-person interactive education with the convenience of digital access.

LUGPA’s first Virtual Crossfire program, Developing an Effective Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic, aired live online June 27, 2017, at 12:00 PM EDT.

If you missed the June 27th live event,
watch here now:

Developing an Effective Advanced Prostate Cancer Cliniclugpa-virtual-crossfire-screenshot

Featured Speakers

  • Dr. Neal D. Shore, MD, FACS, President, LUGPA
  • Earl L. Walz, CEO, The Urology Group
  • Bob Asinof, CEO, Urology Center of Colorado
  • Dr. Paul R. Sieber, MD, President and Medical Director of Research, Lancaster Urology
  • Dr Bryan A. Mehlhaff, MD, Oregon Urology Institute

Topics Of Interest

  • Operational issues for Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinics
  • Improving physician organizational development
  • Providing patient access to more advanced therapies (existing and emerging therapies)
  • Generating new revenue sources
  • Retaining patient market share

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