LUGPA Regional Meeting: New Orleans

Did you miss the meeting? LUGPA members can access the presentations here.

Acquire actionable techniques and insight to enhance your integrated urology practice.

Delivering high-quality care is the goal of every independent urology practice. Yet, measuring and reporting quality measures has become increasingly more challenging in the emerging value-based market. This meeting will provide a forum to strengthen your knowledge, help you understand how quality is defined, measured and reported, and deliver proven methods to improve clinical excellence.

Special afternoon breakout sessions have been specially designed for LUGPA Forward physicians and Practice Administrators

Topics Include

Introduction on quality including how quality is measured and reported

A panel discussion on how to improve your MIPS scores

For the LUGPA Forward attendees —

Strategic Financial Planning/Evaluation of Equity Options and how to leverage marketing and social media to build and enhance your practice

For the Practice Administrator attendees —

  • Group Governance
    • What does strong vs. weak governance look like in group practice?
    • What are the ‘must haves’ of effective govenance?
    • How does a group develop an effective governance model?
    • What is a practice administrator’s role in building and maintaining effective governance?
  • New Service Line Opportunities in Urology
    • Tap the expertise of the panel and the audience and discuss new urology service lines.
    • The audience will drive the selection of the topics for this session.
    • The following list of new service lines (plus others not listed here) will be open for discussion:
      • Shock Wave Therapy for ED, Catheter Dispensing, In-Office Dispensing, Nitrous Oxide, Vaginal Rejuvenation, Vitamins/Supplements, Newer Office Based Procedures (UroLift, Rezum, SpaceOar) and Molecular Testing for UTIs