LUGPA Regional Meeting: San Diego

Acquire actionable techniques and insights to enhance your integrated urology practice.

Delivering high-quality care is the goal of every independent urology practice. Yet, measuring and reporting quality measures has become increasingly more challenging in the emerging value-based market. This meeting will provide a forum to strengthen your knowledge, help you understand how quality is defined, measured and reported, and deliver proven methods to improve clinical excellence.

A special afternoon breakout session has been specially designed for Practice Administrators

Topics Include

Introduction on quality including how quality is measured and reported

A panel discussion on how to improve your MIPS scores

For the Practice Administrator attendees –

  • Group Governance
    • What does strong vs. weak governance look like in group practice?
    • What are the ‘must haves’ of effective govenance?
    • How does a group develop an effective governance model?
    • What is a practice administrator’s role in building and maintaining effective governance?
  • New Service Line Opportunities in Urology
    • Tap the expertise of the panel and the audience and discuss new urology service lines.
    • The audience will drive the selection of the topics for this session.
    • The following list of new service lines (plus others not listed here) will be open for discussion:
      • Shock Wave Therapy for ED, Catheter Dispensing, In-Office Dispensing, Nitrous Oxide, Vaginal Rejuvenation, Vitamins/Supplements, Newer Office Based Procedures (UroLift, Rezum, SpaceOar) and Molecular Testing for UTIs