Membership Benefits

Join LUGPA Today to:

  • Preserve and Protect the independent urology group practices during the ever-changing healthcare and medical reimbursement atmosphere. Improve patient care through LUGPA’s information sharing, proactive government relations, practice management tools, leadership development, clinical trials, benchmarking and other innovative resources.
  • Enhance communication between urology groups that, like yours, practice within an independent setting. LUGPA develops best practice techniques for its members to share and refine, together, as we navigate the rough and changing landscape of healthcare and payment
  • Improve your urology practice’s overall business procedures and processes. From selecting the right CPT codes to participating in P4P programs and credentialing with insurance companies, LUGPA has the information you need to make smart reimbursement decisions and support your practice.
  • Identify the problems independent practice urologists face and strive to correct them as a team. Together, combat the ubiquitous governing and regulatory threats to our practices.
  • Gain insight on brewing legislation that threatens your practice.
  • Learn how LUGPA can and has made a difference in legislation affecting independent practices.  For example, LUGPA advocated for permanent repeal and replacement of the flawed Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula, encouraging policy changes that protect access-to-care for patients stricken with prostate cancer. LUGPA members have been a crucial part of initiating these advocacy efforts at home and on Capitol Hill by meeting with key decision makers in Washington, DC.
  • Achieve successes together with other LUGPA members who are dedicated to setting standards for independent urology practices within our communities. Support the established standards to better secure urology practices from the changing healthcare environment. Fight for the right of your patients to continue the one-on-one relationship with their physician that they desire and deserve.
  • Benchmark your group’s practices against others to identify the most ideal systems to achieve outstanding results for your group and your patients.
  • Build a strong bond between members and relationships that last a lifetime. Attend, with your peers, established LUGPA programs that will enhance the effectiveness of your integrated urology group practice.
  • Capitalize on LUGPA’s knowledge base for independent urology practices in areas including: strategic management; financial management; marketing communications; medical and information services; technology; human resources; purchasing; facilities; and operational management.
  • Feature your practice’s point of view by contributing your input, opinion and support to LUGPA’s governing committees, website, newsletter, and Reviews in Urology, the Association’s official journal.