LUGPA Virtual Crossfire Event Series on UroCareLive

LUGPA’s Virtual Crossfire Event Series with UroCareLive is online learning that is much like a live medical conference brought directly to your computer.

LUGPA, in collaboration with PlatformQ Health, the leading provider of live-online medical education events, offers members the opportunity to register and participate in this unique educational platform on the UroCareLive.  Attendees can take advantage of live streaming panel discussions and debates, along with interactive audience participation, including real-time question and answer sessions with top faculty.

Participants can choose to submit questions for the expert panel ahead of time or during the live broadcast, allowing presenters to respond in real time, combining benefits of in-person interactive education with the convenience of digital access.

Missed a live event? Now you can watch at your convenience on-demand!

Events Currently Available On-Demand

Current and Future Treatment Options for the Nonmetastatic CRPC Patient
(Originally aired on March 28, 2019)

LUGPA FORWARD – Understanding and Overcoming Challenges faced by Early Career Urologists
(Originally aired on January 29, 2019)

Overactive Bladder Management: Updates for Primary Care and Specialists
(Originally aired on November 15, 2018)

How to Effectively Create Partnerships and Collaborations
(Originally aired on May 17, 2018)

Nocturia – It’s Not Always OAB or BPH
(Originally aired on April 24, 2018)

Establishing an Advanced Bladder Cancer Clinic
(Originally aired on October 16, 2017)

Future of Urology Practice: Independent, Hospital-Owned or Private Equity?
(Originally aired on August 31, 2017)

Developing an Effective Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic
(Originally aired on June 27, 2017)